Title of image “ Was it worth it”
Clones Photographic Society decided to honour this day 100 years ago with a re-enactment

photoshoot of a survivor of the Rising ina melancholy mood wondering about the whole affair

and if he had done the right thing in fighting for his country especially after so many people dying

and so many being executed. Our model is wearing the actual medals earned by Mr. Eugene Thomas

Hamill 92 Francis Street, G Cpmpany, 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade for his part in the Rising at the

Four Courts Garrison under the command of Edward Daly. I am the grandson of Eugene Hamill and

was named after him. I include two images taken by myself at our photoshoot . Our sitter is Isacco

Diegoli from Bologna in Italy. He is studying Irish History here in Clones and is very impressed with the

1916 celebrations up to now. We leave the the answer to our soldiers question to the viewer.

Issaco Dieogli

Issaco Dieogli