Clones Photo Society....

It gave me great pleasure as Hon. Secretary and co-founder of the society to launch our exhibition "the view through their lens" in the County Library in Clones. Josephine Treanor was our key note speaker and complimented the society on their great work to date. The society was created as a result of EU funded photographic classes conducted by myself to create a common ground for people of different traditions  to work on subjects of mutual interest, in this case photography. Josephine remembered how the strong rapport which developed from the classes resulted in the formation of the society and that the funders ( EU ) did not need to do much hand holding as " Respect was not something they talked about, it was the heart of their business, it was their "Modus Operandi" . The society is now in it's 12th year which is a great achievement , one of which I am proud to be associated with.

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